Refrigerator transportations

Refrigerator transportations with adherence to the necessary temperature condition.

Transportation of food-stuff and goods requiring maintenance of the temperature condition today is one of the most called-for services in the field of road transportations. However, not all the haulers are able to provide the necessary quantity of tracks equipped with refrigerators which allow to preserve perishable cargoes and cargoes requiring freezing by delivering them to a storehouse without any prejudice to the quality of the goods.

 Our company, which specializes in the transportation of food-stuff, is ready to offer its clients services in transportation of perishable goods to any distance thanks to availability of tracks equipped with modern refrigerating systems. Meanwhile we guarantee that the client’s demands will be fully implemented and the necessary cargo will arrive to the point of destination in time.

Our company takes the responsibility of temperature condition maintenance both during the transportation of food-stuff, and in the process of loading and unloading operations. Moreover, the specialists of the company watch over carefully that the cargo should be placed in refrigerator in the most effective way and with adherence to the demands of air circulation that ensures its safety. Having turned to our company you don’t have to worry that the transportable cargo will delay and won’t be delivered in time!