Automobile Transportations

Trucking activities from KST – we’ll deliver even a feather!

KST Company pays special attention to the trucking activities that is to the cargo transportation by different kinds of motor transport. Many years’ experience of work in this field as well as the facilities increased during this time and the professionalism of our staff give us a right to affirm that the trucking activities from KST are the motor transportations of any complexity with the shortest possible delay.

Having got a wide experience of collaboration with the haulers we choose the most advantageous variants of the cargo transportation for your business. KST Company will carry out the cargo transportation to any point on the map of Ukraine, to the farthest nook of CIS and Middle East, as well as to the countries of Western and Eastern Europe.

When carrying out international motor transport shipping operations we use TIR Carnet, which gives us the opportunity to guarantee free border crossing. In return, this guarantees you the safety and integrity of you cargo. Due to the established relationships and the professionalism of our staff we will not only help you with the transportation of any kind of cargo (including package cargo, outsize cargo and other kinds), but also guarantee safety, timeliness of delivery and economic gain from the transportation of your cargo by the KST Company motor transport.

For your convenience we give a chance of tracing the cargo movement on any section of the road on your demand. In addition, we are ready to help you with the consolidation of the package cargoes at European depots and to watch over the safe shipping of your cargo to the place of destination.

Trucking activities with KST Company:

Cargo transportation all over the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries, as well as through the territory of the European countries. There are no borders for us: France, Germany, Poland or Italy – the cargo will be delivered to any point indicated on the map of the world.
Guaranteed safety of cargoes. We know how important the safety of cargo is, that’s why we propose you the whole range of services in safeguarding of your cargo when transporting: from the forwarding to the armed guard.
Transportation of any kinds of cargoes: dangerous goods, food products, petroleum, oil, lubricants, goods demanding refrigerator transportation, package cargoes and others. There is no notion of “too large” or “too small” for us – we’ll find an opportunity to deliver your cargo to the place of destination regardless of its format.
Help in customs clearance of cargoes. Our competent workers will help you to draw up all the necessary documentation regardless of however complicated it may seem to you. In addition, we’ll complete it CORRECTLY for you not to have any misunderstandings when getting customs clearance of cargo or crossing the border.
Cargo insurance. For you make your mind easy, we propose you cargo insurance: our workers will help you to observe all the formalities.

Are you waiting for polite attitude, hundred-per-cent efficiency of work, speed and safety of your cargo transportation from the hauler? Then you have already found that you’ve been looking for! KST Company – a perfect and time-proved quality of given services!