General cargo transportation

Transportation of general cargoes to Europe and CIS countries from the KST Company.

Transportation of general cargoes to the point of destination is a service in which only few haulers specialize nowadays as it requires experience, professional skills and knowledge in related fields such as logistics and marketing. Besides, the practice of general cargo consolidation is necessary when small consignments of goods are accepted for the transportation in different places from several clients at once, a clear understanding of the international road transportation market conditions is also required.

Our company offers you a full range of services in general cargo transportation within the territory of Europe and CIS countries. The plan of front line that we offer consists in the following: without any additional financial expenses for the client our specialists deliver the necessary cargo to the storehouse, and then it is consolidated with other consignments of goods and prepared for the departure. Meanwhile we see to it that the route of the cargo movement would be chosen the most optimally, that also allows to considerably reduce the cost of its transportation.

Our company is fully responsible for the security of cargoes waiting for the transportation. Moreover, we give services in general cargoes insurance and control their movements within the whole route of transportation. We take responsibility of preparation and executions of all the necessary papers, stipulated by the current customs legislation of Europe and CIS countries, and also undertake to deliver the required cargo in “door-to-door” pattern in the shortest terms.