Freight forwarding within the port

Freight forwarding within the port is one of the important and difficult transport services given be the carrier company KST Group Ukraine. Our company has got wide professional connections with all the services and organization departments both within and outside of the port.

Having the wide experience of work of the forwarding department specialists and the wide connections with stevedore companies, customs and other controlling units, stock-holding industries and container terminal, KST will carry out the freight forwarding within the port in the shortest term and at the lowest price.

Our services in freight forwarding in the commercial ports of Odessa, Ilychevsk and Mariupol include:


guaranteeing container  shipment on board of a vessel or unshipping to the territory of the port container terminal;
organization of control check and examination of the cargo in quarantine service, customs, sanitary service and veterinary service of the ports;
customs clearing of containerized cargo in the modes of transit, export and import and its further conducting at the territory of the port and the terminal;
organization of the storage of goods under the customs control at the storage areas or at the port terminal;
full control of the movements of a cargo or a container before loading for the transportation out of the port territory;
execution of transportation papers for bringing a cargo or a container in and taking it out of the port territory;
selecting necessary container tare for loading the cargo of the client, its packing and fastening in a container.

Freight forwarding services from our carrier company do not amount to nothing more than Ukrainian ports. Having a wide agent network in the major sea-ports of the world, we also, within the limits of “door-to-door” service, carry out the port forwarding of a containerized cargo in a port of any state under the full control of our forwarding agents. Regional port forwarding agents keep giving our client the information concerning the whole process of cargo transportation in any sea-port. Having ordered port freight forwarding service in our carrier company, you will minimize the cost of the freight forwarding of containerized cargo within the port.