Sea containerized shipping

Sea containerized shipping from the KST Company

Containerized shipping is a modern and the most economical mode of cargo transportation used in international transport and giving opportunity to deliver a cargo to any place of the world in the shortest terms.

Organization of the sea containerized shipping is a rather difficult task. It requires highly coordinated actions on every stage of cargo transportation. When organizing cargo transportation, KST Group Ukraine Company relies on its professional knowledge and experience, uses connections established with different transport structures, ensures the fulfillment of all demands and wishes of the clients.

Owing to the wide agent network today we deliver all kinds of cargo by sea from different countries of the world including the USA, Turkey, Korea, Thailand, Spain, Italy and China, combining sea and surface modes of transport through the ports of Odessa, Ilychevsk, Mariupol and Baltic States to Ukraine, Russia and Central Asian countries.

According to the given tasks, at will of the client, we deliver cargoes in containers in “door-to-door” pattern. Transportation in such a pattern considerably diminishes its terms and also saves the client from all the troubles connected with organization of the transportation and customs clearing of the cargo.

According to specification of the cargo, we are ready to put different types of container equipment at the client’s disposal: 20”, 40”, 40” High Cube, refrigerator containers, Open Top, Flat Rack containers, meanwhile guaranteeing competitive rates that will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding clients.

Meanwhile our company works with all kinds of cargo without exception and has got wide experience in transportation of dangerous, perishable and outsized cargoes.

When forwarding a cargo all the necessary documents are being processed and the contracts are being made, that hereafter allows to avoid different additional questions from the side of customs inspection or a consignee.

Today in the field of sea shipping there are no problems that we won’t be able to solve. Experience and practical skills of our specialists guarantee that the delivery of the cargo by sea will be carried out at the highest level. Our work seeks to save the client from unnecessary problems and to reach maximum results at minimum cost.

Trust the cargo transportation to the professionals and it will save your money, energy and time!