Repair of wagons

KST GROUP UKRAINE LLC professionally carries out current, depot and capital repairs of freight cars at the car repair enterprises of Ukraine, the CIS countries and the Baltics.

In order to minimize the downtime of cars in the non-working fleet and guarantee the quality of repair work, we provide the departure of our specialist to the place of repair.

We provide the full range of repair services of rolling stock (TO, TR1, TR2, DR, KR), delivery of necessary spare parts and accessories, with preparation of the corresponding technical documentation:

1. Maintenance - MOT
Maintenance is carried out in order to maintain the serviceability of all components of cars. This is important to ensure the safety of the train on the tracks. Inspections within the framework of MOT can be performed in the formed or transit trains, and also are carried out at preparation of empty cars for loading. Thus detachment from the main group of cars is not required.

2. Current uncoupling repair - TR-1
The main task of current repair of cars is to ensure the efficiency of the car. It can include both repair and complete replacement of certain components, it all depends on the condition of the cars at the time of diagnosis. In this case, the car itself is detached from the main warehouse and transferred to special places where repairs are performed.

3. Current uncoupling repair - TR-2
Repair of TR-2 is performed on a loaded or empty car, which is part of the transit or arrived train. The car is uncoupled and fed to the repair point.

4. Depot repair - DR
It is carried out directly in the depot at specially equipped points. The main task of such works is to restore the life of cars by repairing or replacing faulty components. The amount of work performed is determined using preliminary diagnostic procedures.

5. Overhaul - KR
Carried out for the complete restoration of the life of cars. At the same time replacement of basic elements of a design which cannot be replaced in the course of carrying out other repairs is often carried out.

In our activities, we focus on long-term success and improving results through the use of innovative technologies, improving our own operational efficiency and productivity, as well as compliance with international quality standards.

We offer to consider options for mutually beneficial cooperation and are ready to provide any additional information on the organization of the repair process and the supply of components to railway rolling stock.

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