Multimodal shipping operations

Multimodal Shipping Operations from KST Company: Choose the Best!

Multimodal shipping operations correspond to a comprehensive service for a transportation of the same cargo by different modes of transport. This is caused not only by a geographical location of the final place of destination, but also by a choice of the shortest way of delivery as well as by nonstandard dimensions of cargoes and their specific characteristics.

Our Company is glad to render you a service in multimodal shipping operations of cargoes of any size and contents. Today we have a possibility of wide usage of different modes of transport that makes it possible to deliver the necessary cargo practically to any place on Earth. Meanwhile a comprehensive approach to solving of the given task allows not only to save time of our clients, but also to considerably reduce finance charges connected with the cargoes delivery.

Our specialists fairly implement all the client’s wishes and help him to choose the optimal route of the cargo delivery, along the whole length of which the Company guarantees integrity and safety of the transported goods. Meanwhile we take charge of cargo insurance and making up all the necessary customs documents, and also as the need arises carry out operations on its transshipment in the course of transportation and stockpiling.

The qualified workers of our Company are ready to help the clients requiring multimodal transportation of cargoes. You don’t have to determine by yourself what mode of transport will be the most effective on one or another part of the way, to calculate expenditures and to coordinate the whole process of the cargo transportation – henceforward it will be a concern of our experienced specialists which guarantee a splendid execution of the order. Practice and experience will allow them to execute a task of any complexity, meanwhile ensuring a competitiveness of the transported goods by low transportation costs and their quick delivery to the final point of destination.

Today we collaborate with many countries of the world, in which our agency net is functioning successfully, that’s why the Company’s experts are always well informed about where your cargo is at the moment and how soon it will be delivered to the given address. For multimodal shipping operations our Company uses both automobile transport, sea vessels and railway transport. We have an experience of transportation of non-standard and dangerous for the environment cargoes, guaranteeing their delivery to the necessary point with an observance of all the standards and rules of safety.

KST Company’s services for multimodal shipping operations:


Multimodal shipping operations “door-to-door”
Coordination of all the transport process participants’ activity
Control of the cargo movement and terms of delivery
Multimodal shipping operations with the whole complex of shipping works
Making up conveyance deed
Full complex of services for treatment and transshipment of cargoes at ports and terminals
Possibility of transportation of non-standard and dangerous cargoes

Trust your cargo to the professionals and it will be delivered to the destination in workmanlike manner and in time!